Advanced Studies

SCPS Pre-IB Prep

This is a preparatory strand for the High School IB Programs at Seminole High School and Winter Springs High School, high school advanced placement courses, or high school honors classes. The SCPS Pre-IB Preparatory Program offers an extensive course of study in Math, Science, World Language, Social Studies, and Language Arts, with an emphasis on independent study, in-depth learning, and accelerated curriculum requirements. The program moves at a vigorous pace while integrating creativity, problem-solving, higher order thinking skills, communication, leadership, planning, goal-setting, and research methods. Students who participate in this program are also required to take a Spanish and World Language courses and participate in community service projects. Some of these classes offer high school credit as well.

Seminole Academy

World Languages

In a globalized world, those who can communicate effectively in more than one language and across cultures, have a great advantage. Language proficiency is critical for business, trade, diplomacy, and can help to promote mutual understanding and respect. At South Seminole Academy, students can explore Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Swedish, Russian, Greek, French, German, Italian and Latin.

Global Entrepreneurship

This course prepares students for the business world by teaching them the key concepts of entrepreneurship. They participate in Shark Tank presentations which allows them to market products and services that they create, to community business leaders. Students can continue their Entrepreneurship path at Lake Howell High School and their Law Studies path at Lake Mary High School, is possible.

Financial Literacy

Every student learns about financial literacy through our banking system and various classes, programs and activities. PBS Financial is our school's banking system, which is designed to help students understand and appreciate the value of money. Our Positive Behavior Support system is aligned with our banking system, which allows students to earn STORM bucks for demonstrating school-wide expectations. Students can then deposit or redeem STORM Bucks on their phone or computer via an online banking system. STORM bucks can be used at SSA for many different things such as purchasing items at the school store and paying for entrance in to various school events.

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